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Waxworms (Galleria mellonella)

For a tempting, tasty treat, there's nothing like a soft, juicy waxworm. These soft-bodied grubs top off a diverse diet like nothing else. Try these great little grubs today – they're available in a wide array of quantities.

Nutritional Analysis
Moisture 62.6%
Protein 15.8%
Fat 20.4%
Ash 0.8%
Other 0.4%
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25 count cup waxworms
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250 count cup waxworms
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25 count cup of waxworms 50 count cup of waxworms 250 count cup of waxworms
500 Bulk Waxworms
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1000 bulk waxworms
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500 count bulk box of Waxworms 1000 count bulk box of waxworms